Summer Classes for Moms and Kid's Playdate


Summer is almost here!!

If you are still wondering how to stay fit and keep your kids active this summer, then maybe a class where you can bring your kids and have them play along with other kids might be the right fit for you.

The weather is going to be great and with that the motivation to workout outdoors; Having something to do with the kids will come very handy to most of us, trust me, I know!

Thatís why I decided to start my bootcamp classes with kidís play date on June 10, once a week we will have a kidís adventure for free so we can all bond in a different level and have the kids explore, learn and connect as well.

Here are the details for the month of June:

Momís Bootcamp and Kidís Playdate will take place every Monday-Wednesday-Friday (no class on Friday 6/21) at 9:00am at Point Fermin Park.

Playdates at the park will start on June 10th, each mom will be responsible for her own kid since there won't be a care giver. We are all completely aware of our mom reality so don't worry about interrupting the class to care for your kids.

Appropriate ages are over 5 year old kids, if you have younger ones use your own judgment, but remember that we wonít have anyone supervising the kids. Babies in strollers do really well too.

Monday is TRX class and we have to move a little farther from the playground so this might be something to consider, Wednesday and Friday we will exercise right next to the playground so we can keep an eye on our little monkeys playing around.

Prices for the class:

$130 for Monthly Unlimited Bootcamp, you can take all the classes you want, including early bird at 5:30am or Night Owl at 6:30pm, or

$120 for a 10-class punch card, use anytime you come to class.

Classes are small so no more than 12 people per class. Make sure you RSVP to save your spot at 310-561-3474.

FREE AFTER CLASS KIDíS ADVENTURE will take place every Wednesday. This activity is free of charge and we are all responsible for our own kids. Hereís the calendar of activities:

Wednesday, June 12: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, each person is responsible for their own entrance payment.

Wednesday, June19: Walk to the Tide Pools by Cabrillo Beach, free.

Wednesday, June 26: Maritime Museum (we will drive and meet there), pay for your entrance fee.

Ideas for the month of July are welcome!!

Feel free to call me if you have any question or RSVP at 310-561-3474.

Looking forward to this amazing fit-mom experience :)



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