Countdown To My Ultimate Reset


Hi, name is Carla Baccio, I am a fitness trainer who loves helping people constantly with exercise and nutrition tips... I realized that sometimes is good to get the help for my self as well.

Since I am a busy mother of 2 beautiful girls, you can imagine my life is pretty hectic at times, I manage somehow to stay active through my fitness classes. I know how much nutrition means to our body but at the same time I understand why it is so difficult for many people to stay on track of their health.

Because in this blog I want you to see why and how I implemented the Reset in my life, I won't talk much about myself, but you will get an idea of my life as I go throught this journey in my 21 day Reset Adventure.

And.... Here it goes:

I order my Reset kit about 3 weeks ago, I got it 2 weeks ago and to a be quite honest, I had no idea what I was getting my self into. Now I am scheduled to start the plan in just 3 days and I wonder how difficult it will be for me to follow through. I decided to share the fact that I was doing it and invited friends and clients to join me... It turns out 8 brave and wonderful people decided to give it a try with me, of course we watched the video, we searched the website and we - of course- realized it should be as good as they said it was, or at leat we hope or else we will get our money back.

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day plan that is supposed to help us prepare our bodies to release toxins in a very subtle way, without cramps or starvation. I see it as a "learn-how-to-eat-better" with a "release-all-the-toxins" plan. All 9 people, including me, are now part of a private Facebook group where we will be sharing out feelings, or questions, or frustrations and -hopefully- our success, all for one and one for all.

In my case, I know I already eat well! I cook all my meals (most of them), I mix colors and flavors, I have the daily fight with my girls about food on the table, I prepare home-made lunches every day... So why? Why did I get my self into this?

Because I sometimes lacked the energy that I should be passing on to my clients, some days I end up exhausted and dragging my self, at least that's how I had been feeling for the last -how old is my oldest daughter?- 8 years!

I guess the number one reson why I decided to do this is because I am part of Beach Body (yes, the makers of Insanity, P90X, Brazil Butt Lift among many, many others) and as a Beach Body Coach I have access to a group of coaches just like me, I saw other people going through the Reset and there was nothing but great things about it, the way they felt, the energy they felt, it was out of this world! So a-ma-zing!... Or so they said. I don't want to prove them wrong but I am that person who hears the buzz and wants to experience the whole thing, I don't like anyone telling me, I want to touch it, feel it, suffer it if I have to, I want to know if it really works and if it really is... soooo good, really?!

I have made small changes since I became a Beach Body Coach, I started drinking Shakeology and that helped A BIG DEAl, I decreased my caffeine intake from 4 cups a day to 1, and then to zero. Not that there's anything wrong with coffee, I honestly gave it up for 2 reasons: One is Lent, I love coffee so much than I thought it would be a good sacrifice to do, and please, don't judge my faith and I won't judge yours... And two, because I decided I won't do teeth whitening every 4 months and so I decided to cut on coffee stains in my teeth. This was a similar thinking when I decided not to juggle with my weight years ago and I decided that I didn't have enought money to buy new sizes, I ate right because I was broke.

So, here I am, starting the countdown and looking at the menu with some big question marks in my head... How am I going to find the time to cook all that?, How am I going to make my family eat what I am eating? (I am not a restaurant that has several menus for her family), How am I going to endure 3 weeks of this?

And I know that because I am writing this now, I will follow through... So for that I thank anyone willing to read my blog and follow me in this health adventure.

2 days until day 1 of my Ultimate Reset, let the shopping begin!

Start date: April 2nd (Tuesday)

How I feel today? Pretty nervous, not knowing how the heck I am going to keep up with this plan.

Clean my kitchen: Done (I think- I will know when cravings attack if there's anything hiding, I know I will find it!)

Check my supplements: Done

Grocery Shopping: Hope it's done, since I am spending Easter with my family I have told my husband to shop for me, and probably here will go the "clean my kitchen" down the drain, I bet he bought Oreos!

Am I ready: You bet I am!!

Carla Baccio

Fitness Trainer, Wellness Advisor, Wife & Mom

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