Stress and Weight Control

If you ever wondered if stress can make you fat, the answer of course is yes. Other than the hormonal part of a chemical imbalance that your body experiences during stressful times, there are other components that will make you gain weight when you are stressed. What happens when you are stressed than can make you gain weight?

Number one, cortisol hormone is released when you experience stressful times in your life; this is part of your own body survival mode. In a natural stress free environment, cortisol should be released more during the morning and should start decreasing as the day goes by, its function is to make you hungry so you have energy to survive the day… the problem with stress is that it triggers the adrenal glands that release this hormone, so you get hungry when you shouldn’t be, making the risk of eating unhealthy/comfort foods much more appealing to the person that is experiencing stress.

Another problem with stress and weight control is that when we are stressed out we can’t plan our life as we should; stressful situations take over our capability to make better decisions, we don’t plan well (or don’t plan at all) our menu and shopping list, and we are more likely to fail if we try to follow a healthy meal plan.

The last but not least element that triggers weight gain during stress is the lack of sleep.

What to do if you are experiencing stress in your life and want to continue a well-balanced life and diet?
Here are some things you can do that will help you:
1. Stop, relax and breath before you eat your meals.
2. Do not skip meals, especially breakfast.
3. If you are tempted to eat when you are not hungry, find a distraction, like going for a walk, gardening, scrapbooking or even writing an article about stress and weight control ;)
4. SLEEP!!!! It is important that you know when to turn off the TV for a good night sleep.
5. Take away the things that stress you out, I know it sounds easier than it is, but if you can’t fix it at that particular moment you shouldn’t be thinking about it.
6. YOGA AND MEDITATION. I don’t have a lot of time to do yoga, but I found that there is always a moment if the morning –right before breakfast- that I try to close my eyes and breath slow, I put my mind in blank just to be able to listen to my breathing and I open my eyes to find that I can plan my day with a lot more sense; The days that I can meditate are a lot better than the days when I don’t; 5 minutes is all it takes and those are the most well spent 5 minutes of my day.


I will write down “I will keep stress out of my life” and post it where you can see it.

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