Today at the Local Farmer's Market


Here it goes my friends, go to the local Farmer's Market and load on what's on season, let's get San Pedro FIT and healthy. Feel free to share your favorite recipe with some of these ingredients, email to

In addition to the expected fall vegetable and fruit offerings - such as patty pan squash, zucchini, strawberries, avocados, tomatoes baby Fuji apples and pears - two stands are selling JuJuBe fruit. Park's Farm, who is set up on the south side of 6th, about midway, is selling fresh JuJuBe fruit for 4 dollars per pound. Mrs. Park says the fruit is grown throughout SoCal but hers come from San Marino. Another stand is selling the small, apple-like fruit dried.

There's a lot of fruit but no herbs.

Artichokes are selling one for three dollars. Quick note:At Henry's market, artichokes are selling for a dollar a piece.

Baby fuji apples are 1.50 dollars per pound. Lemons are 6 for a dollar at one stand.

The attached photo is JuJuBe fruit.

Now go shopping so we can get some fresh food to cook this weekend.

Farmer's Market insider is Scott A. (thanks my friend!)

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Today at the Local Farmer's Market
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