Fit-News Oct 4, 2010

San PedroFITNEWS October 4th, 2010

5K RACE. In other FIT-NEWS -as you can see I have became very news oriented- the 5k training is coming to an end before the race on October 10th, many of you have really improved the time and I will be working this week in the wrist band that will let you know the time frame you should be hitting for, this is a great tool that will keep you focused in your own personal time goal, the last training day before the race is Friday, October 8 at 6:30pm. Let me know if you are interested in wrist band via email.

TURKEY TROT 2010. And here we go again! Letís get ready for Thanks Giving 2010 - can you believe it is almost here? - I will have sign ups for the race with a group discount again this time. The Turkey Trot will be in Long Beach with the option of 5k or 10k. I have to say that the race is mostly flat surface, by the ocean and with gorgeous views, strollers and walkers are welcome in this race (I believe dogs are too, but I have to double check on that); it is a great race for friends and family to start one of the most wonderful American traditions. Pass the word and get more people to sign up for this, if I have enough people I can have special Turkey Trot t-shirts for the san Pedro Fit group, so, spread the word and letís do this! Ė I will have a training similar to the one Iíve been doing the last month for the 5k and an optional 10k training for those interested in the longer run; training will be on Saturdays at 6:30am for 10ks and 7 am for 5ks. You can sign up for an extra day or you can use Saturday run as a make up class, itís totally up to you, RSVP necessary.

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Fit-News Oct 4, 2010